Who are we?

A revolution in shopping

Cirkle is a different type of shop. We want to change the way you shop and recycle. Very simply, we combine a grocery home delivery service with a free recycling service that benefits society. It started with an idea. What if we could create a delivery service where the vans were always full, even at the end of the day. How ? The answer is to do a home delivery service and combine it with a collection service. It sounds like common sense, and that’s exactly what it is. In other words it is an example of the “circular economy”, which explains the name “cirkle”.

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated and passionate people endeavouring to provide the best quality products and service that we can. Created by Ben Bramich, the company came to life in in 2008 under the name of reason2be and the journey so far has been road full of twists and turns. See the evolution of cirkle in our timeline below.

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    Inspiration from afar

    September 2007

    Ben returns to Belgium after a 3-year assignment in Japan, and gets busy. In a year he writes a Business plan for reason2.be, (now cirkle). At the same time he studies for a part-time MBA, works full-time as an engineer and gets married ... easy.

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    Who wants it?

    July 2008

    Ben and Val (Ben’s new wife) hit the streets of Brussels with a bunch of questionnaires. 1st question, do you buy organic food? (61% say yes). 2nd question, are you interested in home delivery (70% say yes). It looks promising...

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    Take the plunge

    October 2008

    Ben leaves his job, and immediately starts Reason2.be with some savings. He creates a home-made website, buys some carton boxes, finds a local supplier and makes the first of many spreadsheets.

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    Now we are 2

    February 2009

    Fabien starts to help with packing and does deliveries in his little Twingo. They both are still going strong today, but the Twingo has long since retired from delivering.

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    TV stardom awaits

    March 2009

    Word of mouth reaches TV Brussel, who features us on their weekly English speaking programme. See the video »

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    White van time

    June 2009

    Finally we buy our 1st van. A very nice white 2nd-hand Fiat Doblo. Onward and upward...

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    Sales grow fast

    November 2010

    By word of mouth our subscriber base grows steadily, and we now are a team of 5.

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    Soup and saplings

    May 2011

    The first tree-planting event, we join our friends at Sunbeams asbl by giving away free organic soup for all the volunteers. Ben works, while Val observes.

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    Bigger and better

    June 2011

    We buy 2 brand new bigger vans, build a new website, and incorporate the business to an SPRL.

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    Van trouble

    September 2011

    Just a few months later, one van has an argument with a concrete post, and the catalytic convert is stolen from the other.

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    Our new home

    September 2012

    We move into a new depot in Kraainem, which is bigger, better and resembles the batman cave... but with vegetables.

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    Get down and dirty

    June 2013

    We get busy planting a forest in a day to offset our CO2 emissions. Organised by the Jane Goodall Institute, we were happy to be involved again.

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    So much talent, so little time

    April 2014

    Our 3rd annual box colouring competition brings out the hidden artistic talent in our customers. It’s strictly for children, or for the young at heart.

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    Meet Kurt the farmer

    June 2014

    Our meat farmer Kurt holds an open day, and we are there to show our support. Our customers enjoy the day riding donkeys, seeing the animals and an al fresco lunch.

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    Green day

    July 2014

    We join the environment fair in parc cinquantenarie for the 3rd time. Jono shows why he’s the man.

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    A big day

    September 2014

    Reason2.be accepts outside investment for the first time from the social impact fund SI2. We get ready to rock and roll as an SA/NV.

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    June 2015

    We change our name to “cirkle”, and make big improvements to the website, operations, logistics – and lots more including significantly expanding our recycling operation. The team grows to 8 permanent workers.

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