How does it work ?

We combine a grocery delivery and free recycling service that benefits charities.

All you need to know about our products ....

Is everything you sell organic?

We are a certified organic retailer (Certisys BE-BIO-01), and all of the products we sell, except for some from our partner shops, are certified organic. Every product that is organic can be identified by the green dot on the product photo. We also mention it in the product description and on the delivery note.

Are your products locally sourced?

We target to get 80% of our fresh products (fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy) from Benelux farms. If a product is out of season, we select the producer closest to Belgium.

How can I know what will be in my box?

The box contents for the following week are updated every Friday around 4pm.

Click here » to see this weeks box content.

Click here » to see last weeks box contents.

Can I decide the contents of my box?

We decide the contents of the boxes ourselves every week based on the best seasonal produce available. You may however add extra products you would like. You may also design your own box by buying products a la carte. If you do not like certain fruits and vegetables, you can create your own dislike list.

What if I don't like certain fruits or vegetables?

You have a personal fruit & vegetable dislike list which means the items are never included in your box. You can manage your dislikes online, and can change them whenever you want. We always substitute the disliked items for other items of equivalent value. There is a maximum of 10 dislikes at any time. Dislikes do not apply to extras that you add to your box. Check my dislikes »

What happens if I receive something I am not happy with?

We will refund any item that you are not happy with - no questions asked. No need to send a photo, no need to explain - just let us know by sending an email to and we'll make the credit to your Cirkle account.

All you need to know about how it works ...

Can I choose the day of my delivery?

Your delivery days are dependent on the postal code of your delivery address and the delivery method you select. Click here to see more about the the delivery details.

What is the delivery charge, and are there any hidden charges?

The standard delivery charge is 5€ for a daytime delivery (12:00 – 18:00), and 8€ for an evening delivery (18:00 – 22:00). If you subscribe to a recurring order, the discounted delivery fees will apply (see next question).

Orders (recurring or one-off) collected from a collection point have free delivery.

There are no other charges related to packing or the recycling services we offer.

How do I get the discounted delivery ?

To get 2€ daytime delivery or 5€ evening delivery, you need to make a recurring order. This means that at least one product should be with a regular frequency of 1,2,3 or 4 weeks. The delivery fee will then be discounted automatically from every order. If you remove the recurring product, the delivery fee will revert to the standard delivery fee.

How does the recurring order system work ?

Make your life easy with our convenient recurring order system. You can choose the delivery frequency of any product, and the items will be delivered to you automatically. You can choose different frequencies for each product and the system will work out your weekly orders. The payments can also be automatic if you use the auto-pay system. Remember you get the discounted delivery fees if you subscribe to a recurring order.

At what time will I be delivered, and will it be the same every time?

Daytime deliveries are made between 10:00 -18:00. Evening deliveries are made between 18:00 – 22:00. We provide you with a 1 hour window with the estimated time of arrival (ETA). If the driver is running late, he will post a message on the Cirkle twitter account »

Usually the time of delivery will be the same every week, but we advise you to check the ETA just in case.

To know your delivery ETA:

  • Before you order: please contact us by email and provide us with your address and delivery preferences (day or evening delivery). We’ll tell you the approximate time of your delivery based on our routes. The time will be around the same time each time you get a delivery.
  • After you order: please check your orders », and you will find the estimated time of delivery. This is updated through the week and is definitely fixed at 6am the day before your delivery.
  • What if I'm not normally at home to receive the delivery?

  • We can deliver to your workplace.... or
  • You can choose an evening delivery (if eligible)...... or
  • We will leave the boxes wherever you choose (in the garden, shed, door-step etc). The packaging is designed to keep all the products at the appropriate temperature until 10pm of the day of delivery. We also have the option of buying a waterproof container for your boxes for €25,99. Click here to buy a container » (we will buy it back from you at anytime). If we leave the box unattended, please make sure to read our Terms and conditions »
  • You can give us a key, or allow a neighbour or nearby shop to accept the delivery.
  • You may collect your order from one of our collection points »
  • Do you deliver on public holidays?

    We deliver from Tuesday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays. We are also closed for one week during the Christmas and New Year holiday. Deliveries planned during closure days are automatically cancelled, and they will not be rescheduled.

    Click here » to see all the dates we don't deliver.

    How do I pay?

    You can pay for your order by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), by debit card (Bancontact / Maestro) or by cash, eco cheques and mealcheques.

    Your first order must be paid online by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or by debit card (Bancontact / Maestro).

    Auto-pay: You can automatically pay for your orders by direct debit using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard) through the secure auto-pay system. Add your details to auto-pay » . Your order is paid automatically the day before your delivery. If you have existing credit in your Cirkle account, then auto-pay will take the remainder required for the order amount.

    Pay as you go: When receiving your first order, you may give the driver any amount of cash, eco cheques or meal cheques and this will be credited to your Cirkle account for future orders. You can also add credit to your account using a credit or debit card.

    Please note that your order will be automatically cancelled if you do not have sufficient credit on your Cirkle account to cover the cost of your order. The deadline for payment is 6am the day before your delivery. This does not apply to customers that use the auto-pay system.

    If you want to use your eco-cheques/lunch cheques, but are not at home to give them to the driver, then you can send them by registered mail to our office. We will add them to your Cirkle account. Please do not put them in your returned box.

    I’m a company, can I receive an invoice?

    We offer a monthly invoice payment facility for Companies. Invoices should be paid by bank transfer on receipt of the invoice (30 days payment terms). Any orders made within the month are included on the invoice. This service is exclusively for companies. If you wish to receive a monthly invoice, please contact us by mail before making an order ( and provide us with the following information:

    Company name
    Contact person for accountancy (email + phone n°)
    Contact person for delivery of orders (email + phone n°)
    Phone number
    VAT n°

    What is the deadline for cancelling/changing an order?

    All order changes or cancellation must be done before 6am on the day before your delivery. This must be done via the website.

    What happens if I miss the deadline?

    If you cancel an order after the deadline, please contact us as soon as possible by phone (02/767 25 81) or mail (

    Late cancellation charges will apply:

  • Cancellation after 6am the day before delivery : 5 €
  • Cancellation on the day of delivery: Full amount of the order
  • How are the orders packed?

    Our boxes are designed to keep all the products at the appropriate temperature until 10pm on the day of delivery. All the products are packed in paper bags inside reusable cardboard boxes with lids. All chilled products are kept cool by using insulating material made from sheeps wool combined with cooling elements. Sheeps wool is a sustainable and highly effective insulation material for the delivery of fresh food. Find out more about woolcool »

    The number of boxes depends on the size of your order. Your name is printed on a label on the top of the box. If required they are suitable for leaving in a lobby, or elsewhere. Please read our terms and conditions related to unattended deliveries. Waterproof containers are also available to buy here ». All our boxes including insulation, cooling elements and egg boxes are reused, so please return them with your next delivery.

    How can I give you back your boxes, packaging & cooling elements ?

    All the boxes including insulation, cooling elements and egg boxes should be returned with your next delivery. If you have a one-off delivery, please contact us. (02/767 25 81 – and we will arrange to collect the packaging at a later date.

    How do you do to maintain products at the right temperature?

    All chilled products are kept cool by using insulating material made from sheep wool combined with cooling elements. Sheeps wool is a sustainable and highly effective insulation material for the delivery of fresh food. The packaging is designed to keep all products at the appropriate temperature until 22:00, whatever the weather. Find out more about woolcool »

    Do I have to place a new order each time if I regularly order the same products?

    Our recurring order system allows you to automatically generate the same order with the frequency you want. (every 1,2,3,4 weeks). You can also add extras to a specific order, or make one-off orders just when you want. Just select the products you want, the frequency and the rest is automatic. Sit back and wait for your order to come each week, exactly as you designed it. Our system is very flexible, so you can modify and adapt your orders easily.

    How can I cancel the recurring products or modify the content of an individual order?

    To manage your orders, just log into to your account, and modify or cancel the products/orders. Changes to a recurring product will change all future orders with that product.

    ... and our recycling service?

    Is the recycling service free of charge?

    Yes, our recycling service is completely free. It costs you absolutely nothing, regardless of the quantities you return.

    Can I give you recycling items with my first delivery?

    Unfortunately you cannot return items with your first delivery. You must make at least 2 orders to benefit from our recycling service. This is because it is necessary to complete a checklist printed on the back of your packing list from the previous delivery and also the recycling items must be placed in our own delivery boxes.

    Which items do you collect?

    We collect more than 10 different items.

    Click here » to see the complete list.

    Are there any recycling guidelines to follow ?

    You will receive instructions with your first delivery. In general, please follow these basic rules:

  • The donations must be placed in the Cirkle delivery boxes
  • Please do not give us your own boxes or bags with recycling
  • The delivery boxes must be able to close completely
  • Only reusable glass must be returned
  • Click here for more information on the recycling service

    Where do the items collected for recycling go?

    Some objects are destined for recycling, others will be reused. All reused items are given directly to the designated charity. Some recycling items are bought by recycling companies, which enable us to raise funds for charities. The recycled items that cannot be monetized are collected and recycled purely to make your life easier.

    Click here » to read more about the recycling service.

    What is the charity of the month?

    Each month, we select a new charity to benefit from the funds raised through our recycling service. The money is raised by selling valuable waste to recycling companies, and we give 100% to the charity of the month. Do you wish to nominate a charity? Please contact us (02/767 25 81 or

    Click here » to read more about our charity collections

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